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That wondrous vesper

Liking something is just a question of how much peace it yields in you. Everyone finds his own peace in his own ways yet many times we don’t know where to find one. I was restless for almost a weak or more now; many reasons, my work, missing home, missing her, whatever the reasons were but my day was not ending as I wanted it to be. Vivek called one evening and said, “Hey! Guess what! Anoushka Shankar is coming in town for a live concert. What’s say??” I asked, “Where is it? How much for the tickets?” Coincidentally it was just near my home, we both booked the tickets. Before that, I listened to some of her songs and I felt a need from within to go here her. Something was disparate in those vibrations, they moved me. I decided at that moment only, I want to; rather I have to go to this concert.
6Th of December – 2013, I came home tired from work. Traffic made it a gruesome ride to home! Though one part of my head was busy planning schedule for tomorrows work; I took a bath that got m…
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Statement of Purpose For a GIRLFRIEND ...from a still single guy!! (NO OFFENCE TO ANY GIRL OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!)

Woohh Feeling like I am back in mood again. After writing about serious, materialistic and pragmatic topics; I’m hypnopompic! Humor’s missing in my posts recently!

Nursery, Middle school, High school, junior college, Graduation; Hush after all this hard work (Ahem ahem in Graduation I did lots of hard work but not studies!) here I am sitting at my cubical in my office!! Well hard work paid off after all (I mean hard work in studies!!). But still it’s not that hard enough, more work needs to be done for higher studies! Many of my friends are going for post-graduation (It seems that they are still hungry for the college fun!!), some are wondering desperately for a job! Some are going abroad for following their true passion! And to go abroad you need to do many formalities but The Imp IS: SOP (Statement of Purpose!)! One my friend is going abroad, he gave me his SOP to check whether it’s OK or not. I read it; it was good! But while reading it a thought stroked my mind, What if we want to…


Does it really matter “who is involved in a crime?” or it does that someone among us is doing it! Does it really matter that “crowd went uncontrolled on some issue” or it does that we are called as crowd!! Does it really matter “who is wearing the crown to rule a nation??” or it does that is he the prudent exec or not!! Everything seems to be a cryptogram to be deciphered. The CROWN is discombobulated by the crowd. The CROWD is flustered and aghast of crown. The denouement of both is CRIME.
Even if I am not talking about a specific country or a nation the above lines are kosher wherever the three co-exist. A community is called by its name when the members of it portray manifest demeanor guided by the chapter and verse of it! But the gain of patrons to that community depends on the purpose it has set for. The group of people working together is crowd.  It is not quantified. We cannot prognosticate the decency and guise of crowd. The crowd nor can have a final conclusion neither can be t…


24th July, I clearly remember the date, as I left Nagpur, sometime later I realized it was not only Nagpur or my city that I left. It was my life back then. My parents, my home, relatives, friends, college, masti, my love, sorrows, moments of joy, moments that left behind. They all became memories, some faded, some like it happened yesterday.

Next morning I was standing at Pune station, baffled. New co-voyagers, new destinations and new challenges. I just walked out of station, looked up; it spelled….
‘Le Meridian’
At once a mirthless yet tremulous smile came on my face. Then I realized I have to search for a home. Got shared auto, reached to destination. Searched ferociously for a flat and got one!! On first morning I woke up; walked in gallery, it was pouring pleasantly. The yesterday’s feeling was still there but less intense, rather my mind was less entangled in it. I closely watched those raindrops, those opulent raindrops; they carried capacity of bringing something new to lif…

Suddenly grown up!!

After the exam I planned to write a lot…I planned to update my blog everyday! But then I gave it a second thought…writing is not about updating your blog, or not about writing something everyday…but writing about what you feel, letting your heart flow through the wordy ocean that keeps summoning the tsunamis of your emotions.  I went to the college recently to collect my provisional degree, of course without uniform or bag or anything which I would have cared about if had been coming to college for attending it. When I entered the gate the guard gave me a recognizing smile, I said “bhaiaa aaj clg uniform ke liye bahar khade nai karoge??” and he answered, actually stated that made me feel different…. “ Ab aap bade hogaye bhau, ab aap clg me padhne thodehi aye honge!!!” (You are a pass out now sir; you won’t be studying in the college anymore!). That made me feels something rarely different. I was in hurry so I didn’t bother to think about it long, I waved him a “ram ram” and went on.
I …

Echoes of the past 6: The interview!!

Wooooo here I am writing again, and it feels sooooooooooo good that I’m writing again!! Campus interviews, this is the stimulant part we all future engineers were dwelling to meet! Because it adds ‘tadka’ to your ‘daal’ called life! My life is alllll about food,eating but money’s also important. So with luck all the way with me…. (No doubt it took a wrong turn in 6th semester) but still with me!! I am eligible for the campus interviews!!! First company arrived somewhere in the month of November or something…..first aptitude test more kinda of luck test……weather your aptitude is good or worst, weather you solve questions logically or illogically, it doesn’t matter  because you can never predict judging criteria…besides this we all have large group of friends…who know nothing ..But can predict many results at time….Any way...I didn’t clear that apti!!! 
Then a large truck named TCS (no offence to those who are placed in TCS!!) came. We had to register online….Sale kya ghape hue pata nah…